Social Media

interesting Dialogue, in just a few words

You’ll have heard the saying: “Less is more”. Well that’s particularly true of social media copy writing. But with right campaign planning, themed content and innovative ideas, we can squeeze real value out of 140 characters.

We can also manage your campaigns for you and help grow your followers and interactions on social networks. Whether it’s twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, we can help you get the most out of your online profiles.

Getting under the skin of twitter, to give your tweets more tempo, topics and tags, is our way of working. You’ll gain more followers and favourites relevant to your sector that will open up new opportunities for your business.

As extensive LinkedIn users and approved post writers, help is at hand to get your articles and blogs maximum exposure to your audience. We can also set up and manage groups, to attract new business contacts.

With experience of Google+, blog sites and Facebook too, it’s a well-rounded service that can extend the reach of your brand – way beyond what you thought possible.

See the link below for a few tips on twitter ideas for B2B users: